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  1. Clip Art for was created exclusively for students in a K-12 setting to provide clip art, photographs, pictures and other images for school use. Today the internet has many websites that do not house original content, copy content, and violate copyright laws. We have created this website to provide educators and students with a place to copy and use graphics legally with proper referencing.

  2. All users must be under the age of 18 or an educator that teaches students in the grade-school range. We feel that all students should know how to properly obtain images from legitimate sources for school use and how to properly reference them, so we have provided our information below to reference our images.

  3. These images MAY NOT be used for personal sites hosted by profile sites such as My Space, or Facebook. Our images MAY be used for grade school student or teacher profile pages hosted by YOUR SCHOOL'S WEBSITE or may be used to create a website while in the classroom.

  4. Images must be copied and pasted, please do not directly link to our images. If using our images in a report or thesis, please cite our reference information below. Many of our photographs have the copyright information watermarked in the bottom right-hand corner, if this is altered or removed this is a violation of copyright law.

  5. ALL clip art, photography, pictures, and website design including cursors and graphics were created by the website's owner from scratch by either taking photographs or creating them with an image editing program. If you COPY OUR IMAGES for OTHER than what is stated above YOU ARE VIOLATING U.S. COPYRIGHT LAW. We are prepared to take legal action against any person, website owner, IP address owner or publisher that illegally uses content from our website. If you are unaware of U.S. Copyright Law specifics, please see more information here: U.S. Copyright Office

  6. Our Reference Information

    Web Address (URL):
    Website Title: Clip Art for Education
    Website Owner/Publisher/Artist: Kathleen Loraine

    MLA Format for web image referencing

    Artist if Available. "Description or Title of Image." Online image. Date of

      image. Title of Larger Site. Name of Providing Library, Consortium or Library System (if appropriate). Name of organization (if appropriate). Date of download. Website URL.

    APA Format for web image referencing - Please note, to our knowledge APA does not have a specific format for referencing online images, below is the suggest format for referencing the site the image was obtained from:

    Author if Avialable. (Date Published). "Title of the Web Page Image was

      Retrieved From". Retrieved Current Date, from Publisher, Website Title: Website URL

  7. Links: We have provided links to sites that we feel is useful to students and educators. Although we provide links to these sites, we are not responsible for their content or ads that may be posted on them as we do not own them.

Useful Links for Educators: